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Brian Kuhlmann is an artist and photographer based in Santa Barbara, CA. Kuhlmann's work goes beyond traditional landscape portraiture; it is an exploration of disappearing tree species and the broader implications of environmental change. 

One of his projects, "Song of Absolution", is a testament to his passion for preserving the beauty of the natural environment.  In "Song of Absolution", Brian travels to various locations around the world to photograph iconic and ancient trees and landscapes.  His goal is to inspire viewers to appreciate the natural world and take action to protect it from disappearing.

Another project, "Spirits of the Land" is a captivating project that delves into the enchanting world of the natural environment and the ethereal presence of living spirits within it.  The photographs produced by this project posses a unique quality, as if the trees and land themselves radiate an inner glow.  The concentric circles created by the focusing Fresnel at the film plane add a symbolic dimension, reminiscent of the rings found in trees or even the patterns of fingerprints.  These circles serve as a visual metaphor for the interconnectedness and the individuality of each subject within the natural world.  "Spirits of the Land" beautifully encapsulates the essence of nature and the mystique of the living spirits that inhabit it.

Overall, Brian Kuhlmann's work is a poignant reminder of the importance of environmental preservation and our role as stewards of the planet.  it serves as both an artistic expression and a call to action to protect and conserve the beauty and biodiversity of our natural world.

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