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1. Sherri West and Teapot Basket.jpeg


I like being called a basket maker.  What I do utilizes the historical techniques of basketry, but in a contemporary sculptural way.  Basket makers must be painstakingly patient and have a deep understanding of nature, using natural materials in a sustainable way. I like to think that what I do honors basket makers throughout history, the natural environment, and what has historically been considered traditional

"women's work."

As a visual artist, I can be a storyteller too.  Living near the ocean in Santa Barbara, I am inspired to shine a light on our beautiful environment by my choice of subject as well as by the local natural materials that I am choosing to create my baskets. I strive to inspire others to find beauty, diversity, deeper meaning and understanding; to question and participate in making change, and to care for and protect our world.

A big job for one small basket.

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