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Brian Green

Brian Green comes to art via a lifetime of hands-on craft disciplines as wide-ranging as building surfboards and fashioning stained-glass wall hangings.


A native Santa Barbaran and a lifelong outdoorsman, he has an intimate knowledge of the region’s backcountry chaparral and its urban forests and likes to use local resources. When fires blackened our coastal mountains and rains carried nameless tons of wood to the see in later floods, Brian scoured South Coast beaches for unique seared wood remnants to give new shape and life on his lathe as one-of-a-kind bowls, platters and art objects.


He often uses naturally weather-cured and raw native oak, sycamore, manzanita, walnut and bay wood. He also infuses resins into stressed wood to produce his works.

Contact Brian

Phone:     (805)687-5793


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